Who are we?

Derrick and Desi Uniat have fished Lloyd Lake for 25+ years. Their adventures began at the age of 5 when their grandfather determined they were old enough to join the men on their yearly trip to this remote northern Canadian paradise. Over the years, they have tried out other lodges and cabins in northern Canada and the world. They always return to Lloyd Lake with the sure knowledge that, for them, this place is perfect.

Together, Desi and Derrick have wreaked havoc on thousands of walleye, given old slough sharks a sore tooth or two, and on occasion succumbed to the lure of countless lake trout.

Many have said that Lloyd Lake is in their blood. Untold memories of this place live in their hearts and the hearts of those who know them. The lodge has been a place of refuge, solace, and celebration. It is truly a place where dreams are made, relationships are forged, and friendships grow stronger.

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