The fishing at Lloyd Lake Lodge is unpressured. You will catch lots of fish. And big ones.

Every angler should do a fly-in trip to northern Canada at least once. Of course, we’d prefer you fished northern Saskatchewan, and in particular, at Lloyd Lake Lodge. We have one goal here: making sure each guest has an awesome fishing trip.

When to book your trip? That depends on the species and the size you’d like to catch. Check out the information below, or contact us. We love talking fishing!


Early June, start trolling! The ice has just come off the lake and the walleye bite is on. The fish weigh 2 – 4 lbs.

July and early August is the time walleye school up in deeper holes. You will actually get tired of pulling out fish after fish once the guide finds the right spot.

Mid-August to September is trophy walleye season. It's the best time to land lunkers in the 5 – 15 lb range.

Northern pike

Fish in the 5 – 25 lb range all season long.

If you haven't hooked a big slough shark with a topwater lure in spring, you simply haven't lived. Determined to the core, northern pike make for hectic fishing that won't stop until you do.

Big northern pikes seek cooler water in late July and August and will often surprise walleye anglers with a big jolt.

In fall, the pesky pikes lurk around gorging on anything that moves. They're feeding up for winter. 

Arctic grayling

Arctic grayling regularly weigh from 1 – 3 lbs. Every season, a few lucky anglers catch grayling over 3 lbs.

Lloyd Lake is known for trophy Arctic grayling. Catch them all season long. Float a gentle fly on a back eddy in the Clearwater River, which flows out of Lloyd Lake, and await a bite from the prettiest fish in northern Canada.

Lake trout

Our lake trout range from 2 – 40 lbs. The average lake trout weighs 5 – 10 lbs.

In spring and fall, they’re in 5 – 15 feet of water. In summer, they school up and go deep. You’ll catch them at 65 feet.

We have 3 lake trout lakes. Big Fish Lake is a short drive from the lodge. Surrounded by white sand beaches, it’s one of the prettiest places to fish. Anglers consistently pull in lake trout over 10 lbs. The biggest fish we’ve caught there weighed almost 30 lbs. Preston Lake and Langley Lake are for our more adventurous anglers. It takes some work to get there.