Our all-inclusive 4-day or 7-day hunts are thrilling experiences. Hunting in northern Saskatchewan’s remote wilderness is amazing. Surrounded by silence, you become attuned to the slightest sound. A mouse scurrying through the leaves will grab your attention, as will the impressive moose when it wanders into range.

At Lloyd Lake Lodge, each hunter gets a completely customized experience. We are also committed to maintaining the best management practices to ensure a sustainable harvest. Our future depends on it. Interested? Get in touch. We’ll provide you with all the information you need to decide if Lloyd Lake Lodge is the place for your hunt.

Fall moose hunts

A moose hunt in northern Saskatchewan is an unforgettable adventure. Picture yourself in the midst of a remote wilderness, surrounded by tall spruce, spectacular fall colours, and crisp fall air.

Lloyd Lake Lodge offers two exciting northern Canadian bull moose hunts. We time our moose hunts during the peak of the first rut. Mornings and evenings are generally spent at points of land, river mouths or back bays, calling and waiting for a response from a 1000 lb bull moose.

The beauty of moose hunting at Lloyd Lake is while you wait for the call of your moose, you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon of fishing.